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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install epoxy or ployaspartic coatings?
We install a Hybrid high-performance polyaspartic coating. Our coating is a two component, no odour, hybrid polyaspartic coating system designed as a decorative yet durable coating for residential, commercial and industrial use.
How long does the installation take?

Almost all installations take 1 day. Some larger commercial installs may need additional days for prep

When can I use my garage floor after installation?

You can walk on your floor after 24 hours and drive on it after 48 hours.

Will road salts or oil leaking from my car damage the coating?

No. The floor is made to withstand road salts, motor oil and most other fluids that typically could leak from your vehicle.

Can this product be installed in places other than my garage?

Yes. This product can be installed to any smooth concrete surface.

Can you fix the cracks in my concrete?

Yes. We fill any cracks or holes prior to the flooring installation.

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Installation of a new polyaspartic coating.